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The Oakville Prayer Breakfast is organized by a group of volunteers who are passionate about their faith and who facilitate the coming together of like-minded people to pray about the greater needs of the community in which we live.  The Oakville Prayer Breakfast provides an opportunity for people in our community to introduce friends, family, and colleagues to their faith in Christ.

We meet in December over breakfast to hear an inspirational speaker who is living out his/her faith in the workplace and the community. The programme is over by 9:00am so people can get to work and proceed with their days, refreshed and renewed.

Why Do People Come?  What Do People Say About the Oakville Prayer Breakfast?

Despite being held early on a December morning, the number of people attending the Oakville Prayer Breakfast each year is between 500 and 600.  So, why do so many come each year?  Here are just a few responses from regular attenders who refuse to miss it.

For me, the annual Prayer Breakfast always gives me something to reflect on, often to be grateful for, and I love singing two verses of "O Canada" at that time of the day during the beginning of Advent.

Speakers have been from all walks of life.  They are not perfect people.  Their lives have faced struggles and loss, disappointment and joy.  Hearing their stories encourages me in my daily walk.

I really enjoy seeing people I know in the community and sharing the morning with them.  The speakers always have something that makes me think.  I go to work uplifted, refreshed, and ready for the day!

Why do you come?

We're always interested in hearing from people who have attended the Oakville Prayer Breakfast and understand what motivates them to continue to come out each year.  This feedback is vital so that each year we can continue to improve and better the event making it more rewarding and meaningful for those taking part.

For more testimonials or to share your thoughts as to why you come to the Oakville Prayer Breakfast visit our testimonial submission form here.  We would also like to hear from you if you have a story to share about previous Oakville Prayer Breakfasts or indeed if you would simply like to leave feedback to help us make the future Oakville Prayer Breakfasts better.

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