2017 - Julia Hanna

Julia Hanna - 2017 Guest Speaker

Julia Hanna is a chef and successful restaurant owner. She opened her first restaurant in Oakville Cafe Galleria in 1983-1993, Paradiso in 1993-2000, then Ristorante Julia in 2003- present, with the addition of Ritorno in north Oakville in 2008.

Julia, a vibrant Christian, will share her experiences in the restaurant world. Her most passionate undertaking is her initiative called HealthyFam, which empowers children, families and seniors to build a foundation for healthy living. She is the recipient of Oakville Award for Business Excellence for her exemplary business practices and dedicated involvement to the community.

Julia is an active board member and past Chair of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce. Her cooking show “Return to the Table with Julia” is in its seventh season. She writes a monthly editorial with Metroland Media focusing on a healthy relationship with food. She advocates for those facing economic challenges while informing them about good nutrition.

As a Christian, Julia will speak about her life experiences and how she tries to live out her faith as she shares time, talent and treasure in her community, and how she invites others within her network of business to contribute to Oakville’s wellbeing too . . . in and outside of the kitchen!

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